in progress#

  • Fix “Luftdaten-Viewer Grafana” documentation section about exporting station metadata from PostGIS to JSON file. Thanks, @ohobby.

  • Add two new OSM-based synthetic geolocation fields for better addressing of micro-regions, district_postcode_city_sensorid, and suburb_postcode_city_sensorid. Thanks, @ohobby.

  • Add rendered documentation at

2022-12-05 0.21.1#

  • Fix acquisition of station list from EEA

2022-08-03 0.21.0#

  • Fix Python sandbox and test infrastructure

  • Improve Nominatim reverse geocoding heuristics and corresponding tests

  • Fix dependencies. Thanks, @MauritsDescamps.

  • LDI: Fix data acquisition

  • LDI: Fix forwarding to MQTT

  • OpenAQ: Fix acquisition for certain records without geo information

  • Improve project tooling, add CI, linter, and code formatter

  • Sanitize code and prose with linters

2020-01-28 0.20.2#

  • Don’t use caching for live data. Thanks, Matthias.

2020-01-08 0.20.1#

  • Add missing file

2020-01-08 0.20.0#

  • Add adapter for OpenAQ

  • Slightly improve reverse geocoding

  • Use improved “Panodata Map Panel” instead of the original “Grafana Worldmap Panel”

  • Update documentation

2019-12-09 0.19.1#

  • Fix invalid JSON file export for stations list (#17). Thanks, David.

2019-10-30 0.19.0#

  • Improve EEA station processing

  • Update “pflock” command to report if invocation failed

  • Use HTTP POST when creating the InfluxDB datasource. Thanks, David.

2019-09-30 0.18.2#

  • Improve memory consumption

  • Don’t process non-float values

2019-09-29 0.18.1#

  • Mask observation values with magic number -99.99 representing NaN values from SOS/IRCELINE, #3.

2019-09-29 0.18.0#

  • Update documentation for installing Grafana Worldmap Plugin

  • Add Redis setup documentation re. #7. Thanks, David.

  • Add PostgreSQL setup documentation re. #8. Thanks, David.

  • Fix LDI historical data import, #10. Thanks, Wetter.

2019-09-27 0.17.0#

  • Update GRAFANA_URL in documentation

  • Improve data wrangling robustness for

  • Acquire and process station list from EEA

2019-06-27 0.16.0#

  • Nothing changed

2019-06-27 0.15.0#

  • Handle incomplete records gracefully when writing to InfluxDB

  • Improve egress JSON field conversion

2019-05-21 0.14.1#

  • Fix erroneous dependency package version bump

2019-05-21 0.14.0#

  • Fix silly mixup with “is_active” indicator

  • Ignore --country=BE when operating on IRCELINE

  • Add new synthetic database-view fields “road_and_name_and_id” and “sos_feature_and_id”

  • Add new json.flex output target for flexible fieldname mapping

2019-05-20 0.13.0#

  • Improve IRCELINE request handling robustness

  • Add “sensor_first_date” and “sensor_last_date” fields for IRCELINE to indicate <= 7 days of data freshness by synthesized field “is_active”.

2019-05-19 0.12.1#

  • Improve IRCELINE ingest with --timespan option vs. batch_size

2019-05-19 0.12.0#

  • Always fetch last 12 hours worth of data to reduce gaps when API is offline.

  • Update documentation

  • Distinguish between “sensor_type_name” and “sensor_type_id”

  • Tune map panel default settings

2019-04-26 0.11.0#

  • Push architecture towards ingesting of data from multiple sensor networks

  • Integrate data from the SOS REST API of the IRCELINE network

2019-04-22 0.10.0#

  • Improve RDBMS subsystem

  • Improve robustness, logging and error handling

  • Add resources and documentation for running as cron job

  • Allow customizing the Grafana panels from the command line

2019-04-10 0.9.0#

  • Add GIS capabilities through PostGIS

  • Set default format for “stream://” targets to “json”

  • Fix published messages getting lost when not starting the MQTT main loop after connecting to MQTT broker

  • Refactor station list filter

  • Filter stations by country code

2019-01-22 0.8.2#

  • Add missing sensor DS18B20

  • Fix PostgreSQL version in Grafana datasource JSON

  • Add station id to “multiple stations” chooser on trend dashboard

  • Don’t try to enrich incomplete station information

2019-01-19 0.8.1#

  • Make dashboards not editable

2019-01-19 0.8.0#

  • Refactor and improve Grafana datasource- and dashboard JSON files

  • Add luftdatenpumpe grafana subcommand for accessing Grafana datasource- and dashboard JSON files

  • Improve documentation significantly

2019-01-18 0.7.0#

  • Rename OSM data field “country_name” back to “country”

  • Add sanity checks for protecting against unqualified responses from Nominatim service with DE-only dataset loaded

  • Use country code for routing to different Nominatim services, one of them having the DE-only dataset loaded

  • Improve RDBMS database schema

  • Naming things

  • Show cardinality in sensor type chooser

2019-01-18 0.6.0#

  • Fix renaming OSM field “country” to “country_name”

2019-01-18 0.5.0#

  • Add InfluxDB egress handler

  • Improve HTTP response caching

  • Probe Redis before starting and croak if connection fails

  • Add “geohash” field when writing into InfluxDB

  • Use as primary reverse geocoder, fall back to

  • Add option to disable the Nominatim cache

  • Add configuration and documentation about Grafana Worldmap

  • Unlock CSV data acquisition from

  • Add Grafana Graph dashboard

  • Add User-Agent for requests to

  • Improve globbing when selecting path for CSV import

  • Compensate empty values (nan) when importing from CSV

  • Add output formatter for Grafana Worldmap Panel JSON file

  • Add RDBMS database (PostgreSQL) as station data source

  • Add --sensor-type filter option

  • Improve CSV file reading

  • Flush each 50 records when talking to InfluxDB with UDP

  • Introduce quick mode for importing just the first few records

  • Add new option “–create-database-view”

  • Rename OSM data field “country” to “country_name”

2018-12-11 0.4.3#

  • Fix

  • Add file

2018-12-11 0.4.2#

  • Use “geohash2” package from PyPI for Python3 compatibility

  • Fix twine. Just works outside of virtualenv.

2018-12-11 0.4.1#

  • Remove unknown Trove classifiers from

2018-12-11 0.4.0#

  • Refactoring, Python2/3 compatibility, Add

  • Add “sensor_type” information to station list

  • Use Redis-based caching through dogpile.cache, ditch Beaker

  • Refactor data munging

  • Always cache full response from Nominatim

  • Cache responses from the API for five minutes

  • Add basic RDBMS adapter for storing station list and associated information to Postgres and other SQL databases supported by SQLAlchemy

  • Streamline station data schema

  • Add test harness for reverse geocoder subsystem

  • Improve robustness and quality of reverse geocoder

  • Make “sensors” data substructure an array

  • Refactor target machinery and redesign command line interface

  • Add release tooling

2018-12-02 0.3.0#

  • Add option “–dry-run”

  • Fix filtering by station id

  • Fix access to Nominatim reverse geocoder API

  • Use “appdirs” module for computing cache location. Report about cache location at startup.

  • Improve OSM address formatter: Honor “footway” as another fieldname choice for encoding the “road”

  • Improve OSM address formatter: Honor “suburb” field

  • Improve filtering by sensor- and/or location-identifiers

  • Implement “stations” subcommand to acquire, display and export list of stations

  • Prevent duplicate segments in formatted address

  • Use station id as label when name is not available

2017-06-06 0.2.0#

  • Add filtering by sensor id. Thanks, Panzki.

2017-04-25 0.1.0#

  • Add commandline interface

  • Add caching for Nominatim responses

  • Appropriate timestamp mungling

  • Improve Documentation

2017-03-31 0.0.0#

  • Basic implementation to request data from live API of, enrich geospatial information and publish to MQTT bus

  • Add “sensor_type” field

  • Improve OSM address formatter