Notes about PostgreSQL authentication#


When configuring and operating Luftdatenpumpe on a production machine, you may want to look into configuring Trust Authentication for PostgreSQL.

When trust authentication is specified, PostgreSQL assumes that anyone who can connect to the server is authorized to access the database with whatever database user name they specify (even superuser names).

Of course, restrictions made in the database and user columns still apply. This method should only be used when there is adequate operating-system-level protection on connections to the server.

trust authentication is appropriate and convenient for local connections on a single-user workstation.


To configure trust authentication for the users luftdatenpumpe and grafana, please add those lines to your pg_hba.conf:

host    weatherbase       luftdatenpumpe      trust
host    weatherbase       luftdatenpumpe  ::1/128           trust
local   weatherbase       luftdatenpumpe                    trust

host    weatherbase       grafana      trust
host    weatherbase       grafana         ::1/128           trust
local   weatherbase       grafana                           trust