Luftdaten-Viewer data loss monitoring#


Install “monitoring-check-grafana”.

Monitor a Grafana datasource against data becoming stale to detect data loss or other dropout conditions.



Use this Icinga configuration object to monitor your data source. You will need to find out about your Grafana data source index. Here, it is “10”, see

It has probably on the output of the command when creating the respective data source in Grafana:

# Create data source object for "luftdaten_info @ InfluxDB".
luftdatenpumpe grafana --kind=datasource --name=luftdaten_info \
    | http --session=grafana POST $GRAFANA_URL/api/datasources

Icinga configuration object#

// Monitor "Luftdaten-Viewer" data feed for data loss
object Service "Luftdaten-Viewer data freshness" {
  import "baseline-service"

  check_command         = "check-grafana-datasource-stale"

  host_name             = ""
  vars.sla              = "24x7"

  vars.grafana_uri      = ""
  vars.grafana_database = "luftdaten_info"
  vars.grafana_table    = "ldi_readings"
  vars.grafana_warning  = "20m"
  vars.grafana_critical = "1d"

  vars.notification.mail.groups = [ ]
  vars.notification.mail.users  = [ "john-doe", "max-mustermann" ]