2. Luftdaten-Viewer Applications#

This section of the documentation outlines how to install the prerequisites for a full system based on Luftdatenpumpe. It is Grafana, InfluxDB, PostGIS, and Redis.

Configure package repository

Hiveeyes is hosting recent releases of InfluxDB and Grafana there. We are mostly also running exactly these releases on our production servers.

Add Hiveeyes package repository:

wget -qO - https://packages.hiveeyes.org/hiveeyes/foss/debian/pubkey.txt | apt-key add -

Add Hiveeyes package repository, e.g. by appending this to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb https://packages.hiveeyes.org/hiveeyes/foss/debian/ testing main foundation

Reindex package database:

apt install apt-transport-https
apt update

Install packages

apt install influxdb postgis redis-server redis-tools grafana